My Home

One of my dreams was to live in a special place and build a suitable house.

Today I live in Mesad , an amazing settlement on top of Mount Kotz in the Lower Galilee. I built me an amazing wooden house, photos of which you can see on the page dedicated to the house.

what am i doing today

today I’m

1. Manages the emergency medicine department at Feda Furia Medical Center .

2. The medical director of the IMA company

3. Prepares legal opinions

in my free time

  1. Taking photos with a drone
  2. Takes videos and edits them

"I believe that everything has a reason in life and everything that happens comes as a result of what you did in the past or for a certain reason. You have to learn to embrace the good and learn to let go of the bad, things go wrong teach you to appreciate them when they are okay. You believe lies so that in the end you learn not to trust anyone One but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can come together."

Eran Tal-Or