Dr. Eran Tal-Or

ד’ר ערן טל אור

Who am I

I am Dr. Eran Tal-Or

I was born in Israel, grew up in Ramat Hasharon and studied medicine at the Technion. During my studies, I worked as a paramedic at the MDA. After that, I specialized in anesthesia and emergency medicine. I have a master’s degree in medical management. Today I manage the MD of the Pada-Puria Medical Center. Medical director of the IMA company.

I have four older sons and I live in Mesad in the Lower Galilee

what am I doing

Today I am retired

Part-time director of the Helmsley Institute for Medical Simulation at Safed Academic College. And continues with my other occupations: providing legal opinions. Drone photography and video editing

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the services provided

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Medical opinion

Writing a legal medical opinion for submission to a court.

Years of experience working with the largest law firms in the country

Medical advice and flights

For many years I have been involved in medical flights of sick and injured people all over the world. While I was in unit 669 , I continued to work with the Israeli company AirMed and today I am the medical director of the IMA company, which is busy flying sick and injured people all over the world

Consulting in the construction of emergency medicine departments

Many years of experience as the director of an emergency medicine department, supervising the construction of emergency medicine departments (Emergency Department) in all hospitals in Israel and providing advice to hospitals in Israel when they built the Malrad

filming and editing

Professional photography and drone photography

Shooting and editing the video according to the customer’s needs. The best equipment

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